Monday, September 22, 2014

What is Wrong with People?!?!?!

So at the start of summer, you all know my curiosity got the best of me and I got Tinder. It was fun at first because it was new, easy, and actually quite entertaining. But then I got bored. I've actually been meaning to delete my Tinder account for a while now. I'm kind of over it. It actually lasted much longer than I thought it would which surprised me, but now, I'm just done. Blah.

In my three month Tinder tenure, I went on three Tinder dates. All three guys were totally normal, but just not for me. Nice enough guys, but no real attraction. And now that work and coaching are back in full gear and I am training for two marathons, dating is the furthest thing on my mind. I maybe log onto Tinder like once a week, if that, nowadays. And each time I do go on it, I think to myself "If this is what's out there, I give up." Ugh. I mean, seriously, what is wrong with some people?!?! I know its only Tinder, but it's demoralizing nonetheless. If this is what's out there within a five mile radius, ages 30-34 then I give up.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Doubling Up Again

Seven years ago I did what any crazy-runner-person would do: I signed up for two marathons within one month of each other. And this year, I am doing just that again. Except this time, there is only three weeks in between races, and it wasn't planned insanity. But I'll get to that in a bit.

I had done my first marathon in 2004 in Chicago and that changed my life forever. The first one always does. It's addictive and leaves you wanting more. Especially for a competitive goal-oriented person like myself. I signed up for the New York City Marathon in 2005 but my Ulcerative Colitis didn't cooperate with my body and I had to defer my acceptance to the following year. I was devastated but that's life. In 2006 I was ready to take it on again and that I did. New York was amazing. I loved every second of it and had beat my Chicago time. I had now done two of the major marathons and loved them both. So what was a girl to do the next year? Duh, sign up for both! I was registered for the Chicago Marathon which was October 7, 2007 and then the New York City Marathon November 4, 2007. I knew it was an insane challenge to take on, but I was psyched. I had running buddies by my side which made training a lot easier and also the fact that I would be challenging my body in a way I had never done before. And of course, this excited me.