Monday, January 26, 2015

Sunrise Sensations

I am a morning person. My alarm goes off and I pop out of bed ready to take on the day ahead of me. I do my workouts early in the morning before work starts and its the best way to start my day. I find that on days that I don't workout, I am actually not as awake and personable as my usual charming self. I need those morning endorphins to get me going. I really believe they make me a better person.

Running has allowed me to explore places of this city, and others that I wouldn't necessarily have gotten to see. Whenever I am on vacation I like to go for my morning runs and explore places (with map and phone in hand) that I may not have a chance to see otherwise. I feel that I have gotten to see so much more of some cities, especially on my Europe vacation and even last summer to the Pacific Northwest, because of my passion for running.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Perfect Lazy Day

I thought after running two marathons, life would slow down and I wouldn't be perpetually exhausted. Turns out I was wrong. At the end of October, post-Chicago Marathon, but still pre-NYC Marathon, I finished coaching bowling and started coaching basketball. It was something I was beyond excited for and literally couldn't wait to begin. Now that the season is in full swing and playoffs are approaching, I am so tired. All the damn time. Practice or games every single day, and now on weekends. I mean, I knew it would be this big of a time commitment, but I didn't realize how much energy it would take and how overwhelmed I would feel. This season is draining me. (But at least I am having so much fun doing it.)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


I was reading the internet today and checking my Instagram and Facebook feeds, like I do every day, multiple times a day, and randomly came across a number of new foods just recently released and in stores already or are coming out very shortly. It seemed like every other thing I was seeing online today was about food. I usually notice this kind of stuff when I'm starving, but this time, it was just so odd that I kept seeing food. New stuff coming out. Re-releases of old favorites. And everything looked pretty damn good. And of course pretty much all of what I saw is loaded with sugar and fat. Naturally. Drool.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Super Spin Songs!!

About two years ago I got my certification to become a spin instructor. I was enjoying taking spin classes so much, I wanted to be able to teach them. I am high energy and enthusiastic so combine this with my love for spinning, I thought it would be great. I couldn't audition for SoulCycle or Flywheel because I didn't have enough experience or the time to make it my full time job which those two studios pretty much require. So the next best thing was to audition at local gyms in hopes of getting a class there. I ended up getting a gig at Boom! Fitness, a local gym in my neighborhood as well as in Murray Hill and got on their sub list. When I finally taught my first class, it was amazing! I loved every second of it. Was I really getting paid to do something I love? To encourage and motivate others to get in shape and get a great workout? To actually earn money while exercising? It was crazy how great it was.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

IG So Me.

Insta. IG. The Gram. Whatever you might call it, Instagram is the shit. I love it. I mean, who doesn't? I'm not gonna lie, when it first came out, I totally didn't get it. I was like "What's the point of just posting a picture?" It just didn't make sense to me. But now, I get it. I totally get it. And I really, really like it. I like posting my own pics. And I like looking at other people's pics.

I don't follow a ridiculous amount of people on Instagram. I follow a bunch of friends, some random Chicago and NYC scenery and food accounts, some workout and inspirational accounts, and then some humor accounts. (Surprisingly enough I follow very few celebrities. And of those, not surprisingly enough most of them are either reality stars of athletes. The reason I don't follow many celebrities is that many of them post waaaay too often and its them posting selflies and/or advertising some product they clearly don't use but are being paid to pretend to use. (For the record I totally hate-follow Kim Kardashian. She's sucks. I cringe at everything she posts, but won't unfollow her.  I realize I am the problem with our shameful society and one of the reasons she is the most followed celeb on Instagram, but I am not at the point of unfollow yet. And I stress yet. Ugh, she's seriously the worst.)

Monday, January 12, 2015

It has to be...33

Thirty-three. Damn. Yeah, you read that right, thirty-freaking-three. Le sigh. Where has the time gone? Seriously, I'm like almost 40. Ugh.

Everyone who knows me well knows that I am not a huge fan of my birthday. I don't like to celebrate it or bring attention to it if I don't have to. It's just another reminder that I am getting older (and am still alone) and no one really likes to be reminded of that. I guess the good thing is that I rarely actually realize how old I am. Seriously, I feel 23 most of the time, which I guess is a great thing  But when the reality hits me that I am indeed TEN years older than that, it can be slightly crushing. Yikes. But I do know there is still plenty of time to do, see, and experience so much.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Europe: Take Two

Okay guys, I am suuuuper excited!! #RayRaysEuroVacay2 has been booked! (And the hashtag has been created. Again.) That's right, this chick right here is going back to Europe this summer. This will be my second time traveling to Europe and I although its still quite a few months out, I am ├╝ber excited already; like I want to plan everything right now.

When I went away in the summer of 2013, it was a very impulsive decision made in March to go away in July for #RayRaysEuroVacay. (Yes that's what I called it. Sue me.) The planning time wasn't that long and I kind of made the decision very quickly and didn't look back. But it was of the best decisions of my life. It was a life-changing 24-day trip and I probably had some of the best times of my life. I was so happy and excited every single day of that trip and thinking about it just makes me smile.