Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Blogiversary Number Three!!!

Happy third birthday Someone Will Appreciate!! That's right, today is the third anniversary of my lovely little blog. Three years of my crazy, emotional, honest, and funny thoughts on so many different aspects of my life. One would think I'd run out of material....but nope! Sure, my writing goes in ebbs and flows and some moments drive me to write feverishly while others make it seem like I can't get the words right. However, each time I write, I feel better. It's therapeutic and cathartic for me. I love documenting all my thoughts and memories and can't believe its my third year doing so.

As I've done the last two anniversaries, I wanted to pick out my five favorite blog posts of the year (from August to August).  It was really hard picking out only five of my faves which I guess is a good sign. Sure I ran another marathon and went on another awesome trip this year, but there was so much other great stuff going on too that I really enjoyed writing about too. Perhaps you remember these, and perhaps not. Regardless, I hope you take a little trip down memory lane with me; it is my blog-birthday after all.

Monday, August 25, 2014

I Can't Wait to go Back!

Three years ago I had the worst Ulcerative Colitis flare of my life. I was hospitalized for three days and talk of surgery to remove part of my colon even came up. To say I was terrified would be an understatement. However, that was three years ago and luckily my health is better today. I wish I could say my UC was totally in control but I still get flare ups at least once a year (minimum), but I think I may be on a Remicade and medication treatment plan that is finally consistently working. Ever since being so sick, I vowed to get more involved in the the Crohns and Colitis community through the CCFA (Crohns and Colitis Foundation of America). I even made it one of my goals for the 2014 year.  Even though I've had UC for over ten years, I decided that I want to make getting involved more of a priority.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

New decor, New beginnings?

I've lived in my apartment, solo, for the last seven years. In those seven years since moving in, I haven't done anything new to it. It's pretty much the same exact apartment that I created when I first got here and I love it, but it's time to change it up a bit. Don't get me wrong, I love my apartment, I love living by myself, and I would never live with anyone again, unless its a boyfriend and/or husband. Thirty-two with a roommate in New York is a red flag for me. At this age, a single someone should be financially stable enough to be living alone. And although I do get lonely a lot, I still love the fact that this apartment is mine...and all mine!

With the summer ending and some self-realization, I decided I want to make some changes to my apartment. (And my mind and body. Always a work in progress.) I want my 350-square foot apartment (don't laugh! That's NYC for you. And don't even ask what I pay for that either!) to be a little more grown up. With my budget, I will see what I can do, but I'm hoping that with some little changes here and there in the apartment, it will also spur some changes in my life. At the very least, it will make me happier to come home to my place after a long day and relish in it. I'm kind of bored with it and I have at least two more years in it, so it's time for a little change. And for someone who doesn't like change, I'm excited to do this!!  (Hey, if Carol Radziwill can do it, so can I. Although she does have a lot more space, and a lot more money.)

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Suburban vs. City Running

As we all know, running is a big part of my life. Especially now with the Chicago Marathon nine weeks away! Ahhhhh. Halfway there baby! I've been doing my best to get better and faster at it, but obviously, its a struggle. With all the travel I have been doing this summer, I've been doing pretty well staying on track. Most recently, I was home in the suburbs of Chicago, and thankfully got in all my runs.

I've run at home for years and have the same couple of routes and paths that I take each time. There are obviously some pros and cons to running at home in Glenview versus running in New York City. They are both two very different running environments in so many different ways. After a few days, I get bored with each location anyway, but I power through because there is a goal in sight. And in my boredom, I also make lists in my head. Tons of lists. Random lists of thoughts. To do lists.  I love lists. One of those lists this time around was the pros and cons to running at home in the suburbs. I've thought it many times before, but this time I put pen to paper, or keyboard letter to blog post...

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Okay you guys, yesterday was AWESOME! So awesome. Like I had the best time. So what did I do that was so awesome? I took a huge trip down memory lane, that's what! I went down to Champaign, Illinois with my parents to visit my (our) old stomping ground of The University of Illinois. The best educational institution in this great country. It was awesome. Oh, did I mention that already? Well, it was awesome. I loved every single second of it and can't wait to go do it again.

Every time I'm in town I nag my mom to take a mini road trip down there for the day and we always have so many other plans that it never works out. I get disappointed but I understand because it's a lot of driving in one day (about 4.5 hours round trip). However, this trip back to Chicago, I made sure we actually marked a day on calendar to go down. It was finally happening!! I couldn't wait. Plus, we even convinced my dad to come. He was a little hesitant at first but also ended up having a great time down there. All of us had have made so many memories there. Both my parents went to U of I (they met there!!) and I obviously went there and loved it.  I basically came out of the womb bleeding orange and blue and have never stopped.