It's no secret I love to workout. I run and spin at least five times a week. It keeps me sane, helps me sleep, and I'd like to think keeps me healthy. I always wish I had the time and money to try all the fun and cool fitness crazes constantly popping up in New York City. I've jumped on the SoulCycle bandwagon but beyond that and a few others here and there (Flywheel, Revolve, PedalNYC, Yoga to the People), I've never really ventured out into other fitness classes because of location, timing, and money.

These classes are located in all different neighborhoods around the city and there truly is so much to be offered.  Classes I am interested in range from yoga to pilates to crossfit to HIT training to other spin classes to all around body conditioning and so much more. The thing is, in New York City, many of these awesome 45-55 minute classes range anywhere from 20-40 dollars a class. To quench my curiosity into some of these classes on a budget, I recently I purchased something called the Classtivity Passport. This passport is $49 and in a 30 day period you can try out ten classes of your choice from their long list of boutique fitness gyms and clubs. Sounds awesome, right? Well it is!