Sunday, June 21, 2015

DC Day 2: Giving me A HUGE travel bug

So Day two of #rayraysDCweekendgetaway is done. Boo. But yay to a fantastic weekend!! After many margaritas and Coronas last night, my stomach was not too happy with me this morning. At all. I woke up at 6 and decided that I would try and fall back asleep and rehydrate some more before going on my run. After the tornado warning last night (yes, that happened here), I was relieved to see the sun shining this morning. Unfortunately the high temps and humidity were both still around. Finally around 8:30, I got out of bed, drank some Vitamin Water and got ready for my run. This is much later than I would ever go for a run in this heat, but it was my last chance here so I had to do it. I wasn't sure how my legs would feel after putting in about 20 miles on them yesterday but they felt great! I was pleasantly surprised by this. I had five miles on the training plan for today so I started out heading up to the Capitol.  Going there, I realized how much closer I was than I thought. Apparently I took the very long way yesterday which made it seem super far when in reality it was literally like eight minutes away. From there I headed down Constitution Ave again past many of the Smithsonian museums and headed straight to the National Mall again. I had to see the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial one more time! I made my way there, took some pics, and then headed to the White House again, because I just had to. When in Rome, right?!?! I could smell the Tequila sweating out of me but felt great afterwards. During this run I also had that feeling of utter happiness and gratefulness for my love of running. It allows me to see so much more on my feet wherever I go. It's a pretty cool thing!! 

Saturday, June 20, 2015

DC: Hot Temps and Hotter Security

This weekend I decided to treat myself to a mini, pre-#rayrayseurovacay2; I went on, shall we say #rayraysDCweekendgetaway. I just love making hashtags for these. #sorrynotsorry. But anyway, there was no specific reason I went except that I wanted to. With all the traveling I did last summer on #rayrayspacNWvacay I had racked up enough credit with to earn a free nights stay in any hotel in the US up to $250 a night. Pretty sweet, right? Well, the offer expired July 17 and since I'll be in Europe then, I had to act on this before then if I wanted to use it. I thought about using it on a staycation in NYC but quickly decided against that. I figured it was only right to spend money to save money (as so many of us do) so I was going to use this and make a fun weekend of it. The only decision now was choosing between Boston and DC and find a weekend with no race or event. Well, this weekend was the only one, and DC it was. I've been watching a ridiculous amount of Scandal lately on Netflix so seeing all the beautiful the DC scenery made my decision super easy. Olivia Pope, I was coming for a visit. 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

You know I'm a runner because...

Today is National Running Day! Yes, this is a real holiday for us runners so Happy National Running Day to you and yours. Last year on this day I wrote about all the reasons that I run and what running gives to me but this year I am going to write about all the characteristics that I possess that gives me a away as a runner.

Sometimes I feel weird calling myself a "runner" because I am not very fast or built like a runner at all; however, I get out there and run 5 days a week and compete in races so yes, I am a runner. And believe me, if you saw my closets and drawers (and shoe collection) you would know this all to be true. So how does one know I am a runner? They know I'm a runner because...