Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Blogiversary Numero Cuatro!

Happy fourth anniversary to Someone Will Appreciate!!! Today this little blog of mine turned four and every time I have an anniversary for it, I am kind of shocked and excited. I know that not many people read my blog but I still really enjoy writing. It's a huge outlet for me. I obviously go through periods of writing a bunch and then not having anything really to discuss. I don't want to post just for the sake of posting, so when I do take the time to sit down and write (type), I feel like there is a reason behind it whether its to preserve a memory, act as a form of therapy, share information, or to just tell a funny story.

Monday, August 24, 2015

An Oasis Indeed

Last summer I did one of the most rewarding things of my life: I volunteered at CCFA's Camp Oasis. I vowed after being there that I would most definitely be back again this summer. Well, I just finished my second week there and once again, it ended up being being one of the highlights of my summer and something that really left an impression on me. (If you haven't read last summer's post, go quickly and read it. Seriously. NOW. Like, for real.) Even though nothing will compare to my first summer at Camp Oasis, this one was pretty fantastic for many of the same reasons, but also quite a few new ones. I knew what to expect as far as activities, I knew most of the people now, and I was a little more used to overnight camp living.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Current Dating Sitch: SUCKY

Almost all of my blog posts lately have had to do with travel because that's been a huge part of life lately. Along with running. And laying out in the sun. And going out. Yes me, going out lately. Who would have thunk it? After being an anti-social hermit pretty much all year due to my ridiculously hectic schedule, constant exhaustion, and let's be honest, a serious lack of desire to go out, I have actually been less rigid and more open-minded this summer and therefore have allowed myself to have some fun. And date a little too. (Mostly a little because I have barely been in NYC this summer.) This change usually happens with me in the summer and as soon as school starts, I morph back into my usual rigid, ├╝ber disciplined self.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Two loves today: Campuses and Stadiums!!

On my last night in Boston I slept pretty decently, even with my ridiculously sore calves. I didn't set an alarm for this morning and actually slept until almost eight. I didn't want to waste a morning not running while here but also didn't want to force my legs when they are this sore. (I really don't remember a time they have been this tender and sore.) I have an 18-miler this weekend and need them to feel decent, dare I even say good. I've given up on them feeling fresh unless I totally sit still for a few days and that's nearly impossible. Anyway, I decided to do a walk/run along the Harbor and the water. It's something I've never done before and it was beautiful. The sky was blue (thank god!) and clear and I walked a bunch and then incorporated some running. I even passed the site of the Boston Tea Party which was pretty cool. I am embarrassed to say I recall nothing of this historically (when and why it happened) but I do know it was super important. So there's that. I also noticed there was a Legal Seafood ridiculously close which would have been nice to know Monday when I got here starving. But now I know. 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Rain rain, go away!

Day two in Boston started with what else? A run! Duh. I slept like garbage last night and was up way before my alarm this morning because of it. My legs were sore, I was so hungry since I had eaten my linner around 4:30, and the news last night kept talking about the storms that were going to come through today and all the rain so of course I was stressed over that a bit. I knew if I woke up early, I'd hopefully get my run in before the storms. My alarm was set for 7:30 (super late for me) but when I got up at 6, I let myself lie in bed for a half hour before heading out. My plan was to run to Harvard and MIT and back. I wanted to run across the Charles River at least once this trip. I took Newbury street over to Mass Ave and made it to and over the bridge. I hit MIT around mile 3 and my legs were so heavy so I turned around and headed back to the hotel. I still had a solid run and did the route I had planned. The drizzle started around mile 4 but it felt good and kind of a relief. I stopped and picked up a fresh green juice on my way to the hotel and made my plan for the rest of the day. 

Monday, August 10, 2015

Oh Hey, I'm in America

This summer really has been great so far with trips to DC, Chicago, and of course, Europe. And although I have traveled quite a bit, I wanted to fit in at least one more small trip so I decided to hit up Boston. Yes friends, it's #RayRayMiniBostonVacay!! I've been to Boston twice before and have done all the major tourist things but still know what a great city it is and wanted to return to do some of them again and to obviously experience some new stuff as well. 

I booked myself a cheap bus ticket on Megabus (just like with DC) and a not-so-cheap hotel room a couple of weeks ago and went on my merry way this morning. I arrived in Boston around 2:15 and walked immediately to my hotel to get settled in and study the map a bit. That took all of ten minutes and I was out the door ready to explore. My first stop, which was only one block away from the hotel was Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market. Of course this is a prime tourist destination and I had to hit it up because it's a must-see even though loaded with slow walking people. I was starving and knew that I wanted a lobster roll for my first meal here. Well that or fried clams. I was planning to eat both of those while in Boston but since my hotel was close to the North End I figured I'd go to Neptune Oyster for linner. I hadn't eaten lunch so knew I could eat a big meal and spend a bit more money on it. After all, a good lobster roll (or shall I say lobstah roll) doesn't come cheap. At 3:30 on a Monday, the wait for a seat at bar was 45 minutes. I couldn't believe it; I can't imagine what it's like at a normal meal hour. I was so hungry but wanted this and only this so I put my name down, gave them my phone number to call when a seat was available and headed out to kill time. 

Friday, August 7, 2015


I just finished my third trip of the summer and just like the other ones (DC and Europe), this one was fantastic. I just got back from eight days at home in Chicago and as I usually am, was so pumped to go there and then was so sad when I left. I feel like each time I come to Chicago lately I have a better time than the last. I don't know why exactly, but I do. I see old my friends and new ones, eat my favorite foods, relax at home, and explore the city. I just love it. I don't know if this is a sign to move back home or what but this is definitely something that crossed my mind A LOT this trip home.

I was in the city a lot this trip, not even doing anything remotely social, but mostly just enjoying what the city has to offer. None of it was really new to me, but it just made me think how if I lived here I could do it all the time and be totally happy doing so. Chicago is known as one of the best cities around in the summer and it sucks me in every time I'm here. #summertimechi is the real deal, folks.