Thursday, January 15, 2015

IG So Me.

Insta. IG. The Gram. Whatever you might call it, Instagram is the shit. I love it. I mean, who doesn't? I'm not gonna lie, when it first came out, I totally didn't get it. I was like "What's the point of just posting a picture?" It just didn't make sense to me. But now, I get it. I totally get it. And I really, really like it. I like posting my own pics. And I like looking at other people's pics.

I don't follow a ridiculous amount of people on Instagram. I follow a bunch of friends, some random Chicago and NYC scenery and food accounts, some workout and inspirational accounts, and then some humor accounts. (Surprisingly enough I follow very few celebrities. And of those, not surprisingly enough most of them are either reality stars of athletes. The reason I don't follow many celebrities is that many of them post waaaay too often and its them posting selflies and/or advertising some product they clearly don't use but are being paid to pretend to use. (For the record I totally hate-follow Kim Kardashian. She's sucks. I cringe at everything she posts, but won't unfollow her.  I realize I am the problem with our shameful society and one of the reasons she is the most followed celeb on Instagram, but I am not at the point of unfollow yet. And I stress yet. Ugh, she's seriously the worst.)

Anyway, out of the humor accounts I follow, there are some that make me laugh out loud (@TheFatJewish and @FuckJerry to name the more popular) with their straight up uncomfortable and sometimes offensive posts, but there are quite a few times where there are many posts that get me shaking my head with "damn, that is totally me." I will usually tag a friend or two in these totally relatable posts and chuckle to myself. This person gets me. At least on this post. And they get hundreds (and sometimes) millions of likes for this post. So clearly there are others that think the same thing. But somehow, for a few seconds I feel like someone else gets me. So of course, I wanted to share some of them.  Some are real photos. Some are memes. Some are screenshots from real conversations. Regardless, I felt a connection to all of them and liked them so thought I would show some of my recent favorites.

This one goes out to everyone not dating me.
I have thought this one too many times.
 My Family. I love us.

Mean Girls is life. And so are sweatpants. So obvi this quote is clearly a fave of mine in that movie. (Although I have way too many fave quotes in that one.)
Truth. This girl and I are after the same thing.
Brilliant response to yet another Tinder asshole.
 Happens more than I'd like to admit.

This chick is and I could be good friends.
I miss it too. All the damn time. (Just not Carrie.)
OMG, they are reading my mind. Like seriously, in my head.
 Seriously, terrifying
 I almost wish this wasn't true, but it so is. I can't control myself and this happens every. single. time. So I just stay home now.

Could you relate? Did you chuckle to yourself? They are pretty great! And it was so hard to pick some of my recent faves since there really is a lot of material to work with. So if you aren't following most of these accounts, do yourself a favor and follow them. And if you're not following me already, shame on you, do it now! Do it!!! @rmgoldma. Holler.

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