Monday, September 5, 2011

Sammi...You suck

I watch Jersey Shore every Thursday night. I am not ashamed to say it's one of my favorite shows on TV. I have been watching from the beginning and I wish I could actually party with the cast at Karma or Bamboo. No Joke. However, there is one person that I would not want anywhere near me: Sammi. Girlfriend, you SUCK. I actually feel bad for you because you suck so much. Let me first say that I do think you are by far, the prettiest girl in the house and probably actually have tons of guys, nice guys, interested in you. However, you give all women a bad name by the way you let Ronnie treat you. And you keep going back for more. It's Sickening. Watching you week after week, I know I am not the only one who constantly cringes and wants to throw stuff at the screen when you come on. Or better yet, hop into the TV and really just pound some sense into you. Maybe then will you wake up and see what the rest of America sees.

What are you doing exactly that makes me embarrassed for you? You maintain one of the most unhealthy and abusive relationships I have ever seen. You are the most insecure, immature, and needy chick I have seen in a long time.  How many times are you going to "be done" with Ron? How many times are you going to walk away from him only to crawl back in his bed a few hours (or even minutes) later craving his attention? How many times are you going to tell Ron to "do you" and then when he does, you freak out?  How many times are going to ask Ron if he loves you and why? Pathetic. Ugh, Sammi, you seriously suck. You suck so much.

Sweetheart, are you watching yourself season after season? Do you see what we see? How can you not be repulsed with your own behavior? And better yet, how have your friends or even your parents not had an intervention with you? You are clearly in an relationship detrimental to yourself (and the sanity of those around you) and even though you seem to lack any speck of a personality, I am sure there are plenty of NJ dudes who would treat you way nicer than Ronnie does. So Sammie, please do us all a favor, man up and "be done" with Ron ONCE AND FOR ALL. And if you can't do that, get off my TV!!

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